Customised Cycling Coaching

Cheatley Institute Coaches

Dayle Cheatley has a wealth of coaching experience, all age groups, both male and female from development to Olympic level athlete.  This guy lives and breathes cycling.

Cath Cheatley (Dayles favourite athlete to coach!) had a successful career as a track and road cyclist.  Cath completed a UCI Coaching Diploma in 2015 and has a passion for getting the best out of others in the sport that gave her so much.

There's no one size fits all...

Here at the Cheatley Institute we know everyone is different. In a good way...not the crazy, cyclist riding round the block to see the speedo click over to 100km, kind of way. 

Everyone has different goals and different ways to get there. 
That's why we'll work with you to create a coaching package that best suits you.  

Prescribed Training

Specialist Track, Road, Time Trial and MTB Coaching

Trainer Sessions

Feel the burn on your erg or ours in Whanganui

Cycling Event Specific

One-off training plans for your event

Coached Sessions

Hands on coaching for individuals or groups

At the Cheatley Institute...

We know the sport like the back of our eye lids

Prescribed Training

Perfect For:

  • Those who need day-to-day training
  • Those who are keen as beans to reach the next level
  • Those who need something new and fresh

After an initial chat, we'll pull together a package that fits your goals and needs.

  • Coaches Cath Cheatley and Dayle Cheatley
  • Training Peaks & WKO. We use these platforms to prescribe training and analyse your training. They're robust, tried and tested
  • Periodised Planning
  • Bike Fit
  • Technical and Tactical advice
  • Support at Key Events
  • We'll connect you to our huge network of experts in the sporting field
  • As much contact as you need via email, phone, text or Facebook (we're too old for Snapchat)
  • Hands on coaching sessions. Road and Track
  • Special offers from our partner Velo Ronny's Bicycle Store

Monthly Plan from $100

Trainer Sessions

Perfect For:

  • Those who have limited time and day light hours
  • Those who love to go deep
  • Those who want variety in their training

Key sessions developed and targeted to your performance needs at your place or ours in Whanganui.

  • Group or one-on-one ERG sessions
    • Strength Focus
    • Aerobic Conditioning Focus
    • Lactate Tolerance Coaching
    • Sprint Focus
  • Short on Time?
    • We'll develop ERG sessions/programmes for your busy lifestyle or those chilly winter days.

Per Session from $20

Cycling Event Specific

Perfect For:

  • Those who have a particular goal in mind
  • Those who need some motivation
  • Those who have limited time and experience

Whether your training to complete Round Taupo or set a World Hour Record, we'll personalise a plan for you.
From time to time, we'll also have one off plans available at your finger tips.

  • Coaches Cath Cheatley and Dayle Cheatley
  • Training Peaks and WK0 Analysis
  • Hands on coaching and skills sessions
  • Event preparation plans and warm up protocols
  • Periodised plans including build up events, testing or race simulation
  • As much contact as you need via phone, email, text, Facebook

Per Week from $20

Practical Coaching Sessions

Perfect For:

  • Those that are looking for the top 2%
  • Those that want a more comfortable ride
  • Those that are confused by that weird cycling etiquette stuff

We'll run you through your paces via a practical coaching session either on the Track or Road. You name it, we can coach it....from standing starts, individual pursuit execution, madison slings to descending, cornering and bunch riding skills.

  • Coaches Cath Cheatley and Dayle Cheatley
  • Technique | Execution | Skills
  • Minimum 1 hour
  • One on One Coaching
  • Small Group Coaching
  • Vouchers available

Per Session from $50


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