Cath Cheatley

Coach | Chief Talker

My Dad started cycling when I was a kid and I would go and watch him race every weekend with the Wanganui Cycling Club. 

When I was about 12 he said to me…"why don’t you give racing a try"?  There were only boys racing (not such a bad thing as a teenager!!) and Dad said that I could beat them.  So he lent me his training bike to ride and hooked me up with some lycra (also breaking the news to me that you don't wear undies under your cycling shorts).

I raced my first race with my undies on. It was 20km from Upokongaro to the bottom of the Aberfeldy. It was the hardest thing I have EVER done.  It hurt, the boys smashed me, but I loved it.

That's when I became addicted. The rest is history.

Favourite Ride: That's easy, Whanganui River Road.
Favourite Cyclist: Laura Van Gilder.  Legend.  Google her.  She showed me that you can be a good bike rider and a good human.
Favourite Bike: It's a tie between Vicky, the Red Tricycle I learnt to ride on and my Project One TREK that I designed for the Melbourne World Road Champs in 2010.
Most Memorable Moment with a Bike: Memorable would definitely be catching and passing the Pro Men's field in the Liberty Classic back in 2009. However,  winning the 2005 International Womens Tour of New Zealand and realising maybe I was good at this Cycling thing topped the goosebump moment list as well.

Dayle Cheatley

Coach | Cycling Encyclopedia

I had the privilege of being born into a cycling family and the sport runs through my blood. (Yup I love it).

I started racing from a young age, while never always the strongest rider I quickly learnt how to maximise my strengths and assess my opposition to be the best I could be. Including going through some very small gaps - a bonus of being only 4ft tall I guess!  When I was given the opportunity to take up a Coaching role with the Southland Regional Team in 2007 I transferred this unique skill set to Coaching and have never looked back.
From 2008 – 2018 I spent a decade with the NZ Track Cycling Team where NZ has enjoyed its most successful period of International results.

Along the way I've developed a skillset across Development & Elite, Male & Female, I've worked with many great coaches from various sports and have also used the High Performance philosophy for business consults on operational processes.

My biggest asset is my passion and work ethic.  I thrive to get the best out of myself and the others I work with.

Favourite Ride: Wanganui to Hunterville and return (especially when it's a 50km/h block head wind on the way home).
Favourite Cyclist: Eddy of course.
Favourite Bike: Oooh that's a toughy....but since I haven't ridden my restored 1973 Eddy Merckx I'm gonna have to give the award to my TREK Boone Cyclocross Bike.
Most Memorable Moment with a Bike: Coaching the 2017 Men's Team Pursuit Team to the fastest ever time. 4km in 3.53.422.

It’s ours, it’s us and we’re proud of who we are and where we have come from.

Growing up in Wanganui we both competed in a huge array of, horseriding, hockey, swimming, rugby, harriers and of course...cycling.  If you didn’t, your school simply did not have a team. 

We wholeheartedly believe that Grassroots Sport is a major contributor to New Zealand's sporting success.  We also believe that sport will help you build the character and provide experiences to be successful in whatever career path you choose. But more importantly you’ll develop into a decent human, citizen and Kiwi.

Hey, we think we've turned out ok! Not only Proud Kiwis, Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son, Aunty, Uncle…but two University Degrees, Secondary School Teaching, Criminal Court and Family Court Management, Sport Policy Planning, Development Coaching, Community Activation, Olympic Coach, World Champion Coach and Olympic Athlete.

We’ve created our own Institute of Sport to share our knowledge, experience and passion.

See, Cycling runs through our blood...

That's our Pop, Les Cheatley, on the left and our Grandad, Rawson Williams (third from the left, front row), in the middle, and Dayle with his Dad, Ron Cheatley, on the right.


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